Touch Down RWY 14

47°28'44.2"N 8°32'34.2"E

47.478942, 8.542839


Along the RWY 14 there are great photo positions outside the fence, which allow to photograph all aircraft landing on RWY 14 when setting up. These photo points can be reached on foot from Oberglatt (photo point 9) in about 20 minutes. (Walking along the fence)

Attention: These photo points are located in the middle of a nature reserve. Please do not leave predetermined paths.

From the photo point Touch Down RWY 14 you can photograph as follows:

- Landings on RWY 14 (200- 400mm lens required)

Notes for Spotters:

- These photo position in the Touch Down range of RWY 14 are suitable until about 10:00 AM. After that, there is backlight.

- A ladder is required to take pictures.

- Catering is not available.

- Parking is not available.