47°27'08.3"N 8°32'44.2"E

47.452318, 8.545600


The heliport is a popular excursion destination and meeting place for spotters. It is located on the Rümlanger side of Zurich Airport, directly at the airport fence  near the piste cross (pistes 10/28 and 16/34). This photopoint  can be reached from Oberglatt and Glattbrug. Drive on the Flughofstrasse in the direction of Rümlang. Then turn into the Klotenerstrasse, which ends directly at the airport fence.

By bus you can reach the photo points at the Heliport as follows:

Bus 510, from Zurich Airport to Rümlang station. Then walk 10 min in the direction of Flughofstrasse.

From the photo points at the heliport can be photographed as follows:

- Take off on RWY 16 (300-400mm lens required)

- Take off on RWY 28 (300- 400mm lens required)

- Landings on RWY 34 (South approach concept)

- Take off on RWY 34 (east approach concept)

- All traffic to Dock A and to the stands south of Dock B and SR Technics

- Long-term stands W41 and W42

- Biz Jet stands and heliport

Notes for Spotters:

- These photo positions are only recommended in summer from about 13:00 AM. Before that, there is a strong backlight. An exception are starting machines on RWY 28, which are to be recorded in the best light as early as 10:00 AM.

- A ladder is required to take pictures at point i1

- Catering is available.

- Parking available