Airport Parking P6

47°27'11.2"N 8°34'04.0"E

47.453111, 8.567778


On the different parking garages there are some good photo opportunities. So also from the car park 6. From the top floors (8-11) you can photograph all the planes that roll to RWY 28 for the start. With sufficient focal length (from 300mm) aircraft can also be photographed on RWY 14. For several years, however, headlight poles on the taxiway and vertical slats of the car park canopy have hindered the photographers. With a little practice, however, these obstacles will hardly cause any difficulties.

At the Airport Parking P6 can be photographed as follows:

- Take off on RWY 28 (300 - 400mm lens required)

- Landings on RWY 28 (east approach concept)

- Landings on RWY 14 (when unrolling RWY 14)

- Traffic to and from the GAC

Notes for Spotters:

- The lighting conditions for photos from the car park P6 are optimal in summer from 9:30 AM to approx. 5:00 AM. Before and after, there is backlight.

- Photographing is possible without a ladder

- Catering is available.

- Parking available