Airport Parking P3

47°26'56.5"N 8°33'45.1"E

47.449028, 8.562528


The car park P3 is especially recommended for action photographers. From here, the planes flying from the south on RWY 34 can be photographed in the best light at the weekend until 9 AM. Floors 8 and 9 are the best places for this. On floor 10 there is a pigeon protection net, which prevents the photographing. The view of the landing and taking off aircraft is minimally obstructed by vertical slats of the parking garage roofing. These should not cause any more difficulties after a short time.

At the Airport Parking P3 can be photographed as follows:

- Take off on RWY 16 (300-400mm lens required)

- Landings on RWY 34 (South approach concept)Traffic to and from the W stands

- Take off on RWY 34 (east approach concept)

- All traffic at Dock B and at the stands south of Dock A and SR Technics

- Traffic to and from the W stands

Notes for Spotters:

- The lighting conditions for photos from the car park P3 are optimal in summer from 6:30 AM to approx. 12:00 PM. After that, there is backlight.

- Photographing is possible without a ladder.

- Catering is available.

- Parking available